Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vikes spank the Cards

Ummm, wow! Pretty much the opposite of what I had expected as far as the Vikings offense goes.

Tarvaris Jackson, benched after game two for shoddy play, started for an injured Frerotte and had touchdown passes of 41, 6, 11 and 59 yards. The last Vikes QB with that many TD passes in a game is currently playing for Detroit. Adrian Peterson was his regular spectacular self rushing for 165 yards. And the defense led by Jared Allen and Chad Greenway shut down the Arizona offense. Allen had two sacks and Greenway was all over the place.

James over at Heavy Lift With Caution said Polamalu is the best defensive player in the NFL right now. IMO it is the mullet wielding giant redneck Jared Allen. He is unstoppable.

Nice seeing the Vikes totally dominate a game against a worthy opponent for once.

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James said...

I was as shocked as you that the Vikings stomped the Cards.

And I must admit that I almost picked up Jared Allen as the defensive guy on my fantasy team before settling on Ellis Hobbs. (Polamalu was, of course, taken by someone else.)