Saturday, December 20, 2008

This sure is different than the last couple of Decembers

Two years ago Q and I were biking on dirt in mid December. Last December was cold and wet, but not super snowy. This year we have already had well over 12 inches in December and it seems there is snow in the forecast every other day.

My next door neighbor was kind enough to let us use his snow thrower. I cleared our driveway in ten minutes-otherwise it would have taken the wife and I at least 45 minutes. I need to get me one of those!

On the bright side, both dogs love playing in the snow, so they are loving life.

We have plans for a long weekend in Arizona in February. That can't come soon enough.

UPDATE: Went to run a few errands and noticed a burning rubber smell coming from my car after we went just a couple of blocks. I got out to see what was up and discovered that one of my tires was flat and almost off of the rim. Got out the jack but I could not get the lug nuts to release. I actually bent the damn wrench trying to get them lose. No choice but to slowly drive it to the nearest auto shop. Most likely destroying my rim in the process. Fun note-the nearest auto shop is closed until Monday. Good times.

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Heath said...

Let it snow! Check out the Simley Nordic link off my blog. It shows my ski kids enjoying the weather.