Friday, December 5, 2008

Roger Ebert kicks a**

I am reading Richard Dawkin's "The God Delusion" right now, so I got a big kick out of reading Roger Ebert systematically dismantle Ben Stein's "documentary" "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" .

Win Ben Stein's Mind

The last paragraph is great:

Ben Stein is only getting warmed up. He takes a field trip to visit one "result" of Darwinism: Nazi concentration camps. "As a Jew," he says, "I wanted to see for myself." We see footage of gaunt, skeletal prisoners. Pathetic children. A mound of naked Jewish corpses. "It's difficult to describe how it felt to walk through such a haunting place," he says. Oh, go ahead, Ben Stein. Describe. It filled you with hatred for Charles Darwin and his followers, who represent the overwhelming majority of educated people in every nation on earth. It is not difficult for me to describe how you made me feel by exploiting the deaths of millions of Jews in support of your argument for a peripheral Christian belief. It fills me with contempt.


queasyfish said...

I read this at work hours ago, was kind of shocked.

I thought we were supposed to like that dry eyes/clear eyes guy, he's smart right? He had a tv quiz show for smart people right? He's a (Jewish) Jesus-freak eh? That's too bad. Ebert did rip him a new one.

SeanH said...

Stein was also a speechwriter for Nixon