Saturday, November 22, 2008

That's all folks

With a nice dusting of snow on the ground, it is looking like the off road riding season is indeed over for me. I am not one of those guys who rigs up studded tires and hits the trails in winter. Call me a wimp, but it just doesn't sound like a ton of fun. I actually could have gone last weekend, but just didn't have the time. Oh, well. I will spend the winter doing 12oz curls and start hitting the trainer in March.

Here are a couple of pics Kozar took on our last wet and cold ride at Murphy Hanrehan.

Spring can't get here fast enough.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Because

JACC sent this to me. Check out the rim.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend of Bond and defeat

Went and saw Quantum of Solace this weekend with the wife. Not quite as good as Casino Royale but it served as a waaaaaaay above average action film. The influence of the Bourne films is evident. The movie starts pedal to the metal, figuratively and literally, and barely lets up for the entire film.

I think Daniel Craig may be the best Bond yet.

We also went over to Just A Cool Cat's house to watch the Vikings lose to Tampa Bay. Yet another lame performance by the Vikes was made worse by a totally blown non call on a Vikings fourth down. AP was clearly interfered with. It should have been first down-Instead it was game over. Oh well.

Even with the loss we had a good time hanging out. Surly got to meet and play with/annoy JACCs two Dobermans. And our host was happy that I showed him his bike/shock pump issue was easily resolved.

How long until spring?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Some stuff to tick you off on a Friday and other random crap

Having heat in a Minnesota house in November is a good thing. Having to put up with the stream of BS coming from the Coleman campaign and other Republicans about the senate recount is getting old fast.

Normy's last minute BS lawsuit against Franken has been thrown out. Apparently the judge agrees that Coleman is one the four most corrupt senators ;)

The debunked rumor of ballots sitting in cars is still being repeated over and over.

Katherine Kersten continues her stream of idiocy by penning yet another baseless hit piece. It's not until she is far into her screed that she writes "Thus far, Ritchie has shown no evidence of misconduct. But many Minnesotans are questioning the openness and transparency of the vote tally that just ended."

Funny how she goes on and on before conceding he has done NOTHING wrong. I believe the appropriate term is HACK

I wonder how she felt about Ritchie's predecessor Mary Kiffmeyer. Kiffmeyer's efforts to throw as many roadblocks as she could to make it more difficult for those who tend to vote Democratic to place their votes were probably a big hit with Kersten and those who follow her misguided ideology. Good thing those efforts were thrown out for violating MN and Federal election laws.

More scummy activity from the Bush Justice Department comes to light:

More Allegations of Misconduct in Alabama Governor Case

The good folks at Blackwater seem to have violated the law once again. Good thing our tax dollars are paying them $250 million a year. Imagine the crimes they would commit if they were desperate for cash.

Michael Reagan dives headfirst into general asshattery:

EXPOSE LIBERAL CORRUPTION -- With the Democrats back in power in both Congress and the White House, you KNOW that they'll be falling right back into their habits of taking lobbyists' money under the table, trading votes for campaign contributions, spying on and sabotaging Republican legislative plans, covering up their leaders' sexual "flings," and spending taxpayer money on personal expenses like never before. But this time, YOU AND I will be there every step of the way, making sure that no stone is left unturned, every dark corner is filled with light, and every illegal act is paid for with censure, impeachment, recalls, investigations, and jail time for every criminal we expose in Washington, D.C.

Jeeze Mike, where were you when Republicans were falling right back into their habits of taking lobbyists' money under the table, trading votes for campaign contributions, spying on and sabotaging Democratic legislative plans, covering up their leaders' sexual "flings," and spending taxpayer money on personal expenses like never before? Ohhhhhh, my bad. I forgot-It's only bad when DEMOCRATS do it.

OK-enough of the politrix....

A while back I read a really cool book called World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. A couple of months ago I read Brad Pitt's production company got a hold of the film rights. Today I read that Marc Forster, director of Monster's Ball, Stranger Than Fiction, and Quantum of Solace has signed on to direct. I know the title of the book sounds a little cheesey, but it is really good. Hard to believe the author is Mel Brook's son. I hope they do the book justice.

The new Trailer for the Watchmen is out. Can't wait for this one

Well folks, have a good weekend. I am going to try and catch the James Bond flick this weekend. Looks good.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Furnace Hell

Our fairly new furnace crapped out on us this weekend. It would only come on intermittently so the temp in our house has been hovering between 58 and 64 since Saturday. Granted that could be much much worse here in Minnesota, but it is still a major PITA. Good thing this didn't happen in February.

So I call up good old Centerpoint energy and they say they can send someone out Monday between 8 and 4-I guess they think they are the cable company. This means I have to take the day off from work and wait.

Did I mention my wife sprained her ankle this weekend?

So the Centerpoint guy shows up at 3:25 and works for about a half hour or so cleans a sensor, reattaches everything and says "Good to go. $95 please. This one particular part may be bad but it should be OK" Ten minutes after he leaves the furnace craps out again. So I call them back, wait on hold for a while before they say the tech will be calling me back. He calls back and we discuss the situation. It really looks like that "one part" is the root of the problem. He tells me to call Centerpoint back and have them send out a pipe fitter to replace the part.

Here is where it gets really fun; I call Centerpoint back, the phone rings then I get a busy signal. This goes on for an hour. I finally get through and relay what the tech told me. They then put me on hold. TWENTY FIVE MINUTES LATER they get back on the line and essentially tell me I am on my own. "Find a Pipe Fitter in the yellow pages" Needless to say I am a bit PO'd at this point.

So I call a different organization. They tell me they can have a guy out early the next morning. The tech shows around 8:45 and gets to work. After a while he reaches the conclusion that the part is indeed bad. He calls to get the price-

$499!!!!!! Just for that part. That doesn't count the tech's services.

As I write this I am waiting for him to come back with this valve assembly that is apparently made out of titanium and plutonium-only way that price is justified ;)

I am going to try and get out of paying Centerpoint since they didn't fix anything. I can hear a little voice in my head saying "Good luck with that"

Thursday, November 6, 2008


After a full day to absorb the election results, here are a few observations:

McCain made a good, gracious concession speech. Too bad the people in his crowd could not be as gracious.

Obama's speech was, well, yet another great Obama speech. The story of the 100+ year old woman was fantastic.

Does the fact that I kept thinking "Don't get shot. Don't get shot...." during his speech make me paranoid? I just could not stop thinking about Bobby Kennedy.

Norm Coleman needs to shut the hell up and let the recount progress. With a minuscule 400+ vote difference when close to three million ballots were cast, any normal person would want a recount. I GUARANTEE Choppers would be calling for a recount if he was the candidate on the short end of the stick. I think the word "douche" fits pretty well.

Right wingers talk about Minnesota being a laughingstock if Franken is elected. Guess what folks, Minnesota just sent national laughingstock and professional nutjob Michelle Bachmann back to congress. Franken's got nothing on her when it comes to looking foolish and embarrassing this state.

I think we can safely put the notion that Minnesota is a swing state to bed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election results

Some guy named Huntley won in MN House District 7a

Congrats Dad!

Was there some other election???..Oh yeah...

All your base are belong to us

Watching returns.....looking good. Here is the thing-the Vikings fan in me won't feel safe until the clock runs out with the lead or there is an overwhelming lead.

If the call for Ohio is legit it is done.

Obama wins.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow is the day!

I am optimistic that my legion of five or six readers are aware that tomorrow is a fairly important day for this fine country. Get out there and vote tomorrow folks. No excuses.

Minnesota residents can find their polling place on this site provided by the secretary of state.

Since I am an unabashed partisan, here is the link to the DFL page that will let you know who the DFL endorsed candidates for your area are.

If you are not registered, Minnesota is one of the few states enlightened enough to allow election day registration.

From the Secretary of State's site:
If you are not registered to vote or need to update your registration information, you may do so at your local polling location on Election Day. However, you are required to provide proof of residence when registering on Election Day.

To register at your polling place on Election Day, you must have one of the following with your current name and address in the precinct to verify your residence:

* A valid Minnesota driver’s license, learner’s permit, Minnesota ID card, or receipt for any of these
* A valid student ID card including your photo, if your college has provided a student housing list to election officials
* A Tribal ID card that contains your picture and signature
* A valid registration in the same precinct under a different name or address
* A notice of late registration sent to you by your county auditor or city clerk
* A voter registered in the same precinct as you who can confirm your address with a signed oath
* An employee of the residential facility where you live who can confirm your address with a signed oath

Alternatively, you may provide both 1) a photo ID from the list below, and 2) a current bill with your current name and address in the precinct.

Photo IDs (may be expired)

* Minnesota Driver's License
* Minnesota ID Card
* United States Passport
* United States Military ID Card
* Tribal ID Card
* Minnesota University, College, or Technical College ID Card

Bills (delivered electronically or by mail)

* Utility bill due within 30 days of election day:
o Telephone (landline, cell, VOIP, etc.)
o TV (cable, satellite, etc.)
o Internet services
o Electric
o Gas
o Solid Waste
o Sewer Services
o Water
* Rent statement dated within 30 days of election day that itemizes utilities
* Current student fee statement