Monday, August 23, 2010

These guys were not messing around

Its easy to find numerous examples of hyperbole in the mountain bike world. The word "epic" has been used so much, often describing things that are in no way "epic", that it has lost its meaning.

That being said, these guys truly had an epic journey. Biking 60 miles into the Alaskan wilderness, then breaking out portable rafts that they carried with them and proceeded for miles on a 34 degree river for 12 hours. They then bushwhacked, hiked and biked there way to visit the bus made famous in "Into the Wild"

I am impressed.


Jared said...

For some reason the pic's aren't opening for me but I know the area and I have been wanting an alpacka raft for a long time. But can't justify having it just to have it. Great story. With that raft and a mountain bike there is almost no place you couldn't go.

SeanH said...

I think they exceeded their photobucket bandwidth limit.

Jared said...

I didn't notice before but that is from Eric P. from Revelate Designs (used to be Epicdesigns) He makes great frame bags and takes incredible pics. His blog The confessions of captain swallow tail is great. (