Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally got a ride in

I managed to kick off my five day weekend with an all day long splitting headache on Friday. Because of the icepick like pain in my noggin, I decided to abandon my plans to take the Enduro out for a spin before taking it over to Q's place to replace a very worn out headset. I guess I can be happy when a part like that lasts for eight years, it only connects the fork to the bike-nothing major.

So around 8 I headed over to Q's tool filled garage and we started our little project (ie-excuse to have a few beers). The install went nice and smooth and the old warhorse now has a nice new Cane Creek headset. Funny thing-after a couple of beers the headache was gone.

Today was another nice Minnesota spring day so I went tooling around St Louis Park, Hopkins and Minnetonka enjoying the sunshine while cursing my lack of stamina caused by a winters worth of drinking.

Took the hounds out for a walk but kept it short because Surly got the old snip snip on Thursday. He seems to be doing fine. It probably hasn't sunk in yet ;)


lojasmo said...

Is yer dog named after the brewery?

SeanH said...

Inspired by the brewery. We had it narrowed down to a couple of names, but Surly fit his personality the best.