Monday, April 13, 2009

Congrats to Boonen on #3

I have known about, read about and followed the results of The Paris-Roubaix race for years. Yesterday was the first time I sat down and watched coverage of this classic cycling event on TV.

One word: Insane!

This isn't a race where the peloton cruises down the road all day swallowing up the occasional breakaway. Paris Roubaix is brutal madness. The racers are absolutely hammering down narrow, muddy, cobblestone roads that would make you slow down in your SUV. There were bikes and bodies flying everywhere. This race is nicknamed "The Hell of the North" for good reason.

A couple of pics from years past:
Hincapie wearing the road. I wonder how much of that mud is pigshit.

Yes, that's Bobke in the ditch!

Yesterday Tom Boonen simply powered away from the field in an impressive win. I am sure the folks at Specialized are licking their chops about the ad campaign they are about to unleash.

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