Thursday, November 6, 2008


After a full day to absorb the election results, here are a few observations:

McCain made a good, gracious concession speech. Too bad the people in his crowd could not be as gracious.

Obama's speech was, well, yet another great Obama speech. The story of the 100+ year old woman was fantastic.

Does the fact that I kept thinking "Don't get shot. Don't get shot...." during his speech make me paranoid? I just could not stop thinking about Bobby Kennedy.

Norm Coleman needs to shut the hell up and let the recount progress. With a minuscule 400+ vote difference when close to three million ballots were cast, any normal person would want a recount. I GUARANTEE Choppers would be calling for a recount if he was the candidate on the short end of the stick. I think the word "douche" fits pretty well.

Right wingers talk about Minnesota being a laughingstock if Franken is elected. Guess what folks, Minnesota just sent national laughingstock and professional nutjob Michelle Bachmann back to congress. Franken's got nothing on her when it comes to looking foolish and embarrassing this state.

I think we can safely put the notion that Minnesota is a swing state to bed.


Heath said...

I heard a young man describe Obama as his generations MLK. or JFK. I hope things end better for Pres. Obama.

I also shared your thoughts of paranoia.

On the news tonight I heard that Palin didn't know what countries were involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement. (let see there are only three in North America) The speaker one of either Palin's or McCains campaign staffers also noted that Paling thought Africa was country instead of a continent.

We made a good choice on Nov. 4. Lets hope for the best.

MyEyedeas said...

I too had those paranoid feelings through the entire speech. But I think that was partly due to the 65 thousand people within shooting distance and the bullet proof shields flanking both sides of the podium.