Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend of Bond and defeat

Went and saw Quantum of Solace this weekend with the wife. Not quite as good as Casino Royale but it served as a waaaaaaay above average action film. The influence of the Bourne films is evident. The movie starts pedal to the metal, figuratively and literally, and barely lets up for the entire film.

I think Daniel Craig may be the best Bond yet.

We also went over to Just A Cool Cat's house to watch the Vikings lose to Tampa Bay. Yet another lame performance by the Vikes was made worse by a totally blown non call on a Vikings fourth down. AP was clearly interfered with. It should have been first down-Instead it was game over. Oh well.

Even with the loss we had a good time hanging out. Surly got to meet and play with/annoy JACCs two Dobermans. And our host was happy that I showed him his bike/shock pump issue was easily resolved.

How long until spring?


justacoolcat said...

"him his bike/shock pump issue was easily resolved."

aka user error

SeanH said...

I didn't say it