Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So, what to write about?

So, what to write about? I think it is safe to say that the two or three people that will ever stumble across this site will be ultra impressed with my semi informed musings on politics, movies, biking and whatever else happens to catch my attention long enough to inspire me to write something down. Or not.

Today I’ll just put in some random observations:

The judges in women’s Olympic gymnastics totally blow.

The Olympics in general are making me stay up too late.

It annoys me that Tim Pawlenty is using tax dollars to campaign for John McCain-in WISCONSIN (Packers Suck).

My leg, neck and wrist still hurt.

James Hetfield is a douche, but we all knew that


justacoolcat said...

I think you should write about boobies, or at the very least, post pictures of boobies.

SeanH said...

Ask and you shall recieve.