Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Post

Well, I finally broke down and started one of these damn things. JACC will be so proud.

Not going to put much in here today besides mentioning I am in serious pain.

While biking at Theodore Wirth I managed to clip a tree with my handlebar (I swear it reached out and grabbed me), which forced a rapid separation from my bike. I then was introduced to a another tree. I recall my head being knocked sharply to one side as I hit the tree with my head, wrist, chest and thigh. I have no idea how all of that happened, but I know that is what hurts. The wrist and thigh seem to have taken the brunt, although I have a nice gouge on my neck from the helmet strap. Wear your helmets kiddies.

Oh well, I'll be back.


queasyfish said...

Ya, those rope burns can be nasty.

Next time cover the garage windows first, Kristen won't know to cut you down so fast.

justacoolcat said...

Burning yourself with a curling iron again so it'll look like someone was making out with you?

tsk tsk.

Put some coverup on.

SeanH said...

Q-She was the one who tied the rope!

JACC-Curling iron? I was trying to iron my shirt. The care instructions didn't say anything about taking it off first.

James said...

Careful now. That's how Michael Hutchence died.

Anonymous said...

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