Saturday, July 14, 2012

Finally got around to finding a good road ride

Since moving back to Richfield I have realized how spoiled I was in Saint Louis Park with access to a great trail system less than a block from my front door.  I could ride for miles with very little time on any sort of actual "street".  Today I decided to quit my whining and start a road ride from my driveway.  And guess what.  I had a blast.  I learned that going up Minnehaha Parkway to Lake Harriet is a very nice stretch.  Once I got to the lakes it was familiar territory.  All in all a very nice ride, but the lose gravel that the city of Minneapolis has laid down on the side streets is AWFUL on a road bike. Avoid at all costs.

When I got home I got to see the genius of my wife's insistence on setting up a softside pool in our back yard.  Floating around in cool water after my ride felt fantastic.  The beer didn't hurt either.


Jared said...

For some reason I am just seeing these last three posts today? Not sure how I missed the last two you did before today. Your new spot seems great for rides. Minnesota River, Mississippi River, MPLS lakes, Flat road where you are and nice climbs just over in St. Paul and Edina.

James said...

Only 78 feet of elevation? You pick your routes well.