Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cuyuna Red



Heath said...

Does the reddish dust come from ground squirrels?

queasyfish said...

Did you meet Hans Rey?

SeanH said...

I did not meet Hans. Unfortunately I was too fried after riding the trails to hang out for the festivities. Note to self-power bars do not do much good when left in the car.

Seriously guys, you need to come up to the cabin and ride these trails. I know it is a pain in the ass with everyone's numerous obligations and responsibilities, but dammit-I remember my dad going on hunting and fishing trips with his friends a couple of times a year. Lets do this! I can offer beds to sleep on, a lake to swim in and a pontoon and a speedboat to ride in. There are fish in the lake just waiting to be caught! Come on up!!!!

queasyfish said...

I seem to remember you telling me they don't sell beer up there, are you trying to trick us?

How would you compare those trails to Theo, Murphy or Lebanon?

SeanH said...

Much better than ANYTHING in the cities. You know the "long" downhills at Murph, or the berms leading out of Leb? Imagine sections like that over and over again but much longer.

They don't sell beer up there? I don't remember that conversation. On the trails? No, Wally the Beerman is not walking the trails-although that may be cool. They had beer at the MTB festival over the weekend and there are bars and liquor stores all over.

SeanH said...

Bunch of pics here:

queasyfish said...

Those pics do look good. I was just messing with you about the beer.