Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nice looking bike

This is one of the more striking looking bikes I have seen in quite a while. Blacksheep Highlight. Normally a 29er, but this guy put a 26" fatty on the front. Interesting arrangement. Very pretty frame.


Jared said...

I like the bike. Fat in front of a 29r is actually pretty common (ok only on the fat bike form.). Jeff Jones owners seem to gravitate toward this style. This bike may not be a Jones but has the Jones style bar and swoopy frame look. I love it.

Jared said...

I mean fat bike forum. Here is jeff Jones galleryhttp://jonesbikes.com/gallery.html

The bike in the pic has a salsa enabler fork made for the mukluk and projects like this. Salsa even has a pic of this kind of set up on the enabler site. http://salsacycles.com/components/enabler_fork/

queasyfish said...

It is a beautiful frame. Like what the old Merlin Newsboy strove to be: swoopy AND performance.

I was thinking that a steel hard-tail, or even rigid, with high-volume tires might be a nice way to light weight trail-riding bliss. Single speed if I could hack it - our local trail-systems are all pretty flow-y. I wonder what Capricorn would charge me to build one similar?