Monday, October 20, 2008

My house is naked!

New siding going on this week!


Jared said...


queasyfish said...


ok, that's a stretch.

Heath said...

Does Tyvek make thongs?

James said...

How much is that gonna cost you? I need to do that to my house one of these days.

SeanH said...

Damn sexy!

Not sure about thongs, but I hear it "breathes well"

James-It is costing us our insurance deductible. We had a nice hail storm this spring. If we were paying it would be in the 3-4k range. The really good thing is, the old siding was asbestos. The hail storm damaged enough of it to warrant replacement. In MN insurance companies are required by law to replace all of a house's siding if an exact match of the existing siding cannot be found.