Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random thoughts and observations

All right, its been a while since I posted anything so here we go...

The pup is exhausting. I forgot what a handful a 13lb furball can be. I forgot about the super sharp puppy teeth. Thank god we have Coda to help wear Surly out. They play pretty much constantly from 7ish to 10ish. Tired dogs are good dogs.

The Star Tribune has a nice article on local bike parts powerhouse QBP. Home of Surly and Salsa-so you know they are cool

Fortuitous timing: Last night the wife and I had just finished watching a bad movie so I decided to check the score of the Twins game. I tuned in to see Joe Nathan pitching in the 9th. Twinks up 3-2 with two outs. Always nice to stumble upon the most exciting part of a game. The crowd was on their feet screaming as the Twins tried to take another step in snatching first place away from division rival White Sox. Nathan got the save. Tonight's game decides who is in first.

Politics, politics....

McCain is losing it. The results of rampant deregulation, a Republican linchpin, have come home to roost. McCain went from saying the fundamentals of our economy are strong to suspending his campaign to rush in and save the day from this crisis. Make no mistake, this is nothing but a cynical stunt by a man sinking steadily in the polls. As the results of policies he champions become painfully clear to the American public, his poll numbers have began to nosedive. The man who has missed almost EVERY vote this year is going to rush in and save the day. And the funny thing is-He isn't needed!

“I’m glad the president said what he said,” Frank said. “It’s not that making the speech was going to help, but failure to make a speech was probably hurting. In America, if you don’t hear from the president, it’s not a crisis.”

Frank says that House and Senate Democrats have agreed upon what should be in the Wall Street bailout legislation. This morning Frank, his Senate counterpart -- Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, D-Conn. -- and top Republicans will meet to try to hammer out a final agreement. He was optimistic.

“All of a sudden, now that we’re on the verge of making a deal, John McCain drops himself in to make a deal," Frank said. "I really worry about this politicization of it."

"Frankly, we’re going to have to interrupt a negotiating session tomorrow between the Democrats and Republicans on a bill, where I think we’re getting pretty close, and troop down to the White House for their photo-op, and then come back and get on to it," Frank said.

“We’re trying to rescue the economy, not the McCain campaign,” he added.

Paraphrase of a quote I liked. "Those who want English as the official language seem to not trust leaders who speak it fluently"

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